Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Deb's Story Part 4

During the second year of mobilizing non-stop prayer the Lord started speaking to me about strategic prayer partnering with non-stop prayer to bring breakthrough. That brought me to a divine connection with Becca Greenwood, who would later introduce me to Jack!

As Jack has shared earlier, he had invited Becca to Indiana to train and see breakthrough for the healing revival wells his Great, Great, Great Grandmother had dug a hundred years earlier. Becca then invited me to travel to Indiana for a prayer journey in the summer of 2012.

Jack and I met in the parking lot of Etter Tabernacle in Indianapolis, IN. The rest, as we say is history!

We now co-lead Lite the Fire and are committed to igniting the generations for breakthrough and transformation through prayer, impartation, training and activation.

Stay tuned for more stories that will stir your faith and ways that you can get involved with Lite the Fire!

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